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Android Application Developer

Android Application Developer

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Overview & Responsibilities

Do you like bending APIs to your will? Do you wait with bated breath for each new Android Studio release? The challenge of supporting mobile devices of every form factor and configuration imaginable gives you the good kind of chills? If so, a Lead Android Developer job is for you.


Rackspace is looking for a Lead Android Developer for the Rackspace Mobile app. You'll need to blend creativity and delight into our Mobile experience, while balancing best practices from Google, Android, and the industry, into everything you do.


Android Developer Job Responsibilities:

· Primary development of Rackspace Mobile for Android. An army, unto thyself.

· Review and approve the design and development of the Rackspace Mobile app, incorporating feedback from Product Management, User Experience, Architecture, and Quality Engineering.

· Provide subject matter expertise on mobile design practices, from experience to stability and performance. Mobile is different, and you need to know why and be able to drive a viewpoint.

· Develop and maintain test frameworks and interactive testing, including working with beta testers.

· Instrument with analytics to understand and communicate usage and adoption models of the app.

· Vanquish bugs as soon as they rise, with extreme prejudice.




Android Developer Skills:

· Proficient with Android development in Java, and Javascript/HTML. Should be able to deliver not only solid frameworks, but also innovative front-end design. Most development is native, but experience with web views and controls, including working magic with HTTP requests, is required.

· Experience delivering commercial Android applications, with server side Java experience a plus. Be prepared to present and discuss your portfolio of applications and projects.

· Experience with client side and server side implementations/configuration/behaviors of Push Notifications.

· Expert in working with both stock and custom controls (homegrown and external libraries/dependencies).

· Able to work hand-in-hand with User Experience and Design teams, while also delivering creative viewpoints and solutions of your own. Demonstrated experience with wireframing and prototyping tools a plus.

· Expert knowledge of best practices for testing, instrumenting, delivering, and triaging mobile application releases to Google Play.

· Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, customer service and interpersonal skills. Expert ability to work independently and manage your own time.

· Expert knowledge of design techniques and principles involved in production of drawings and models.


Lead Android Developer Education/Experience:

· Bachelor's degree in a technology-related field required

· 3+ years related experience required.